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"i" is a commonly used letter nowadays. It means "I", implying the products focusing on human being, providing more humanized operating interfaces. "i" is also broadly used in the area of consumer electronics industry, for example "iPhone". For the jigs, fixtures, and equipments used in test and production, great human-machine interface is very important. It not only can reduce the risk of manual operations, but also can increase work efficiency while minimizing mistakes.

iTEST is established by a group of R&Ds who have strong engineering spirit. Through continuous innovation, we think from RD, engineer, test station, maintenance, operator, to all the stakeholders involved in the production process. We offer modification and redesign flexibility for fitting next design or product; we provide convenient installation to help companies and engineers minimize tester setup time; we also make maintenance and operation extremely easy for engineers and operators who need to work long hours in front of our products.